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Tata Motors

Tata Motors’ Demerger and Strategic Outlook: Navigating the Road Ahead

The automotive landscape is ever-evolving, and Tata Motors Ltd (TTMT) has made waves with its decision to demerge into commercial vehicle (CV) and passenger vehicle (PV) businesses. In this article, we delve into the immediate impact on valuation, medium-term strategic implications, and the potential trajectory of Tata Motors’ PV business.

Immediate Impact on Valuation Approach

In the immediate aftermath of the demerger, analysts suggest that the Street’s valuation approach might not see an immediate shift. The well-established nature of India CVs, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), and PVs, combined with transparent disclosures, contributes to this stability.

Medium-Term Strategic Freedom

Looking beyond the immediate horizon, the demerger provides individual businesses with increased autonomy. This newfound freedom could pave the way for strategic moves that enhance value creation in the medium term.

Potential of Tata Motors PV Business

Tata Motors’ PV business has witnessed a remarkable turnaround post-2020, showcasing a notable increase in market share. This surge is attributed to a focused approach on safety, attractive design, and feature-rich vehicles.

Long-Term Goals and EV Penetration

With an eye on the future, Tata Motors aims to secure the position of the second-largest PV player in India by FY25-26F. The company is actively spearheading electric vehicle (EV) penetration, with plans to introduce 10 EV models by FY26 and achieve 50% of volumes from EVs by 2030.

Financial Metrics and Margin Expectations

While PV business EBITDA margins currently stand at 6.5%, internal combustion engine (ICE) margins have seen improvement to 9.4% in Q3FY24. Negative EV margins (-8.2% in Q3) have impacted overall margins, but the expectation is for improvements over time.

Strategic Demerger Process

The demerger, facilitated through the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) scheme of arrangement, seeks to enhance synergies across PV, EV, and JLR businesses. Focus areas include EVs, autonomous vehicles, and vehicle software, with anticipated benefits for customer experience, employee growth prospects, and enhanced shareholder value.

Implementation Timeline and Approval Process

The NCLT scheme of arrangement for the demerger will undergo scrutiny by the Tata Motors Board of Directors and all relevant stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, and regulatory authorities. The entire process is expected to span 12-15 months, subject to regulatory approvals and shareholder consensus.


Tata Motors’ demerger marks a pivotal moment in its strategic evolution. While immediate valuation changes may not be pronounced, the potential for medium-term strategic freedom and long-term growth in the PV and EV sectors is substantial. Investors and industry enthusiasts alike will keenly watch as Tata Motors steers through this transformative journey.


1. What prompted Tata Motors’ decision to demerge? Tata Motors’ decision to demerge aims to unlock strategic potential and create value by providing individual businesses with greater autonomy.

2. How has the PV business performed post-2020? Tata Motors’ PV business has experienced a significant turnaround, marked by an impressive increase in market share, attributed to a focus on safety, design, and features.

3. What are Tata Motors’ long-term goals in the EV sector? Tata Motors envisions becoming the second-largest PV player in India by FY25-26F and is actively driving EV penetration, with plans for 10 EV models by FY26 and 50% EV volumes by 2030.

4. How will the demerger impact financial metrics? While current EV margins impact overall financial metrics, expectations are for improvements over time, particularly as losses from product development costs diminish.

5. What is the expected timeline for the demerger process? The demerger process, facilitated through the NCLT scheme of arrangement, is projected to take 12-15 months, contingent on regulatory approvals and shareholder consensus.

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