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Unlocking the Potential: A Deep Dive into Control Print Q3FY24 Concall

If you’re interested in the intricate details of Control Print’s performance in Q3FY24, you’re in the right place. Let’s unravel the various facets of their recent Concall and gain valuable insights into their achievements and challenges.

Consumable Division’s Triumph

In the realm of Control Print’s Q3FY24 Concall, the consumable division emerges as a shining star. The company witnessed a commendable surge in revenue, particularly in sectors like pipes, paper, dairy, steel, and healthcare. This sets the stage for a detailed exploration of how Control Print strategically positioned itself for success in these industries.

Expansion and Diversification

One key highlight from the Concall is Control Print’s strategic move to add new printers in the e-food, dairy, and beverage sectors. Simultaneously, they consolidated their presence in the sugar and cement sector. This expansion showcases the company’s commitment to diversification and adaptability in response to market demands.

Non-CIJ’s Accelerated Growth

While the Non-CIJ segment has been growing at a faster pace, challenges persist in achieving optimal market share. The Concall acknowledges the current slow progress but expresses optimism about future gains. This section delves into the nuances of Non-CIJ growth, the hurdles faced, and potential avenues for improvement.

Printer Sales Analysis

A quantitative analysis reveals that Control Print sold 3208 printers in the last full year. However, the sales trajectory in 9M of the current year and Q3FY24 indicates a shift in numbers. Understanding this trend provides valuable insights into the company’s current standing and potential future directions.

Contribution to Business

In Q3, printers contribute about 16% to the business, with consumables leading at 62%. Spares and services play their roles, contributing 7% and 14%, respectively. This breakdown emphasizes the diverse revenue streams and their relative significance in Control Print’s overall business model.

Pricing Strategies

With a flat pricing strategy, Control Print emphasizes its focus on big customers and securing substantial projects. This section explores the rationale behind this approach, the impact on profitability, and the company’s future outlook in terms of pricing.

Impact of Manufacturing Industry

The volume growth of Control Print is intricately tied to the manufacturing industry. This section analyzes the symbiotic relationship between Control Print and the manufacturing sector, shedding light on future possibilities and challenges.

Mark Print and Trace Initiatives

Initiatives like mark print and trace are crucial to Control Print’s future. This section provides an overview of the progress made in these initiatives, recognizing the slow implementation pace while remaining optimistic about their positive impact in the long run.


In conclusion, Control Print’s Q3FY24 Concall unveils a complex tapestry of successes and challenges. From dominating in consumables to strategic diversification, the company navigates the dynamic market with a focus on sustainable growth. The insights gained from this exploration set the stage for anticipating Control Print’s trajectory in the coming quarters.

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